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Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust : SIGT

Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust (formerly Midas Income & Growth Trust) aims to outperform 3-month LIBOR plus 3.0 per cent. over the longer term, with low volatility and the prospect of capital and income growth, through investment in a multi-asset portfolio. The asset classes included in the Company’s portfolio are UK and overseas equities, fixed interest securities, property, alternative assets and structured products. The asset allocations vary around a core long-term position for each asset class with a view to adding value through tactical asset allocation within a range for each asset class.

Ordinarily, exposure to overseas companies is achieved through the use of specialist collective investment schemes and products.

We have written a number of notes that explain how the fund works:

“On track for zero discount policy”, published on 11 May 2016, notes the shift towards trading close to asset value in advance of the adoption of a zero discount policy following the 2016 AGM – click here to read it

“Low volatility and growing income”, published on 3 November 2015, goes into how the fund works in some detail – click here to read it

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