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Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust : SIGT

Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust plc is designed for investors who wish to combine the benefits of a quarterly income with long term capital growth. Over a typical investment cycle, the trust will seek to achieve a total return of at least CPI + 6% per annum after costs with low volatility, and with the aim of growing aggregate annual dividends at least in line with inflation through the application of a Multi-Asset Investment Policy. The emphasis is on low volatility with the prospect of income and capital growth, through investing in a multi-asset portfolio.

The trust is managed in keeping with Seneca’s multi-asset value investing approach. Assets held include UK and overseas equities, fixed interest, specialist investments and property. They believe that their value investing ethos holds out the prospect of superior long term returns.

We have written a number of notes that explain how the fund works: the latest is “Walk the Walk“,  “Changing Tack“, “Celebrating five years since strategy change”,In demand and no discount“, On track for zero discount policy“, Low volatility and growing income“.

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