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Investment Trust Insider on The People’s Trust


The People’s Trust, Daniel Godfrey’s long-trailed investment trust, launched its initial public offer (IPO) on Friday. It is aiming to raise £125 million.

The fund intends to produce ‘better returns for you and a better impact on society’. There won’t be a huge dividend, a yield of about 1.8% is forecast, and this may curb the appeal of the fund to some investors. It is not a multi-asset fund exactly but says it can hold both listed and unlisted equities, debt and may include real estate and infrastructure at some point. It wants returns to be judged over seven-year periods, although the investing public can be fickle, as is evidenced by the impatience of many Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) shareholders barely two years into its life.

The prospectus stresses that… (read more here)

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