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Investment Trust Insider on Triple Point Social Housing REIT


James Carthew: how the two social housing Reits compare

Triple Point Social Housing (SOHO) is one of the recent crop of new issues in the burgeoning housing real estate investment trust (Reit) sub-sector.  It raised £200 million in an oversubscribed issue at a time when rival launches struggled to meet their targets and some were delayed/abandoned.

What made it stand out from the crowd? The main attraction, as always, was probably the prospect of a reasonable yield from assets uncorrelated with equity markets. SOHO targets a 5p dividend on its £1 issue price, once fully invested. It will pay a penny for the period from launch to 31 December 2017 and 1.25p a quarter thereafter, which it plans to grow in-line with the consumer prices index (CPI).

The fund is the first investment company to be launched by Triple Point. Triple Point is … to read more click here

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