Schroder UK Public Private Trust invests in antibody drug firm

Schroder UK Public Private Trust (SUPP) has announced that it has made a commitment of CHF 3m (£2.7m) to antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) development company, Araris Biotech AG, as part of its CHF 23.5m (£21.4m,) financing round. Araris is pioneering the development of a novel antibody-drug conjugate ADC-linker technology to enable efficient and precise production of ADCs. Its linker platform enables the attachment of any drug payload to ‘off the shelf’ antibodies, without the need for prior antibody engineering. The resulting ADCs have shown very high activity at low doses and an improved therapeutic index compared to FDA-approved ADCs. The investment into Araris will also bring SUPP further in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Tim Creed and Roger Doig, SUPP’s portfolio managers, commented: “Araris is the tenth new investment and the second therapeutics focused private equity investment since our appointment as Portfolio Manager. This investment is in line with the Company’s private equity sub-strategy for backing innovative life sciences businesses, at the clinical or near-clinical stage, with high quality science, a strong financing position, alongside high-quality co-investors.”

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SUPP : Schroder UK Public Private Trust invests in antibody drug firm

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