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QuotedData’s Research objectives and principles

The following is a list of QuotedData’s Research objectives and principles. Our analysts have these in mind when writing their notes. Notes are checked before they are published to ensure that they comply with this list.

QuotedData is a trading name of Marten & Co. Marten & Co is often paid by the company that is the subject of the note to produce research on it. Nevertheless, we strive to take an independent viewpoint.

  • QuotedData’s notes are written primarily for the benefit of the reader not the company they are written about
  • QuotedData’s research committee (which includes the chief executive and the lead analyst in the sector) decides whether or not to take a company on as a client. Criteria considered include whether our readers would be interested in the company and whether the company meets our quality threshold
  • We aim to have more than one analyst at meetings with companies, to get diversity of viewpoint
  • QuotedData strives to produce research that is balanced, clear, objective and relevant to the reader
  • QuotedData’s notes will not shy away from addressing concerns and highlighting risks
  • The notes that QuotedData publishes are not designed to encourage readers to buy or sell the companies that are mentioned within them
  • The notes seek to provide an appropriate context. Readers can make their own informed investment decisions should they choose
  • Extensive peer review is fundamental to our process, so that our research remains relevant and objective
  • External editors check the numbers and the grammar
  • Companies that are the subject of the research may be asked to fact check notes before publication but QuotedData has the final say on the content of all notes

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest are declared on all notes. Marten & Co may be paid by a company to help it raise money from investors or find a new home for some existing shares. Whilst analysts’ remuneration may be linked to the profitability of the firm as a whole, it is independent of any trading activity that may occur within securities linked to the companies that are the subject of the notes. Employees of Marten & Co may hold shares in the companies that we wrote about, provided that these were acquired before the company became a client. Once a company becomes a client, employees are not allowed to deal in its shares.

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