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With so many investors searching for income, we hope this area is useful.

Special report

Have a look at our special report on income and where to find it, published on 27 April 2015, we’ll be updating this later this year.

Life used to be simpler. If you had a bit of spare cash or you wanted to save up for something you’d just stick some money in a bank or building society account. If you had a nest egg and wanted to invest it in something safe and live off the income, you’d maybe buy a gilt (UK government debt) or a corporate bond (debt issued by companies). If you were on the point of retiring you’d be forced, eventually, to buy an annuity. Now, although all those options are still open to you, they don’t all look that attractive. In this document we try to look at some of the ways you can use the investment companies market to find income producing investments and we talk through some of the available funds.

Growing / Shrinking dividends

You can access the latest report by looking for the latest “QuotedData Investment Companies Roundup” in the Quoted Fund Research library  We have a section that looks at how investment companies’ dividends are changing, year on year.

25 High Yielders – as at Friday 15 September 2017

Fair Oaks Income Limited 2017 13.25
Carador USD 12.50
Ranger Direct Lending Fund plc 10.22
Blue Planet Investment Trust plc 10.00
Blackstone / GSO Loan Financing Limited 9.90
Toro Limited EUR 9.44
British & American Investment Trust 9.33
AEW UK REIT Ord 8.60
Chenavari Capital Solutions Limited 8.29
Redefine International Plc 8.27
DP Aircraft I Limited 8.26
Honeycomb Investment Trust Plc 8.22
Doric Nimrod Air Two Ltd 8.07
Doric Nimrod Air Three Ltd 7.91
Doric Nimrod Air One Ltd 7.86
Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited 7.71
Regional REIT Ltd 7.70
VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC Ord 7.61
SQN Asset Finance Income Ord 7.46
SQN Secured Income Ord 7.29
Funding Circle SME Income Fund Limited 7.20
CQS New City High Yield Fund Ltd 7.09
TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Ord 6.89
Blue Capital Alternative Income Fund Ltd 6.88
MedicX Fund Limited 6.70

The above table has been compiled by Marten & Co based on data supplied by Morningstar. VCTs, funds making one-off capital distributions and funds close to liquidation have been excluded. Marten & Co is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is not advice. Nothing in this sheet is intended to encourage the reader to buy or sell the securities mentioned within it.

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