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With so many investors searching for income, we thought it might be useful if we created a new section of the website just for them. As always, your comments are appreciated.

The first element of this is an excel sheet that contains a list of recently announced dividends (just click on the link). The sheet shows the fund, the currency, the dividend amount, the record date (which is the day on which, if you are on the company’s share register, you’ll get paid the dividend. NB it takes two days to register a trade so, if you sold your shares two days before the record date, you won’t be on the register and you won’t get the dividend) and the pay date (the day on which the money should, in theory, hit your account – whether it does or not will depend on the efficiency of whoever is looking after your portfolio for you). If a date is highlighted in green it is in the future. So there may be still time to buy funds that haven’t passed their record date yet (remembering the two day rule mentioned above). We’ll aim to update this sheet every morning with the dividends announced the day before.

Recently Announced Dividends

Special report

Have a look at our special report  – The importance of income and where to find it published on 27 April 2015

Quarterly high yielders

We are also publishing sections in our quarterly updates that look at the highest yielding funds in each sector

Q3 Income – highest yielding funds at 30 September 2015

Growing / Shrinking dividends

Then also, in our monthly updates, we have a section that looks at how investment companies’ dividends are growing year on year.

December Income

November Income

October Income

September Income

August Income

July Income

These are the latest but you can find sections for earlier months within the monthly newsletters in the quoted fund research section



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