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ARC Capital Holdings has published results for the year ended 31 December 2014. These are obviously well out of date but they bring investors more up to speed with developments in the business. Normally we summarise large chunks of results statements to make your life easier but In ARC Capital’s case there is so much […]

18 Jun 2015

ARC Capital wins Oriental Home dispute

Fresh on the back of their Jiadeli victory, ARC Capital has announced that, on 16 June 2015, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (“CIETAC”) unanimously ruled that the Orient Home Group shall be required to refund Shanghai C.P. Jing Cheng Enterprise Development Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of ARCH) the entire RMB480m deposit (equivalent […]

16 Jun 2015

ARC Capital gets Jiadeli Holdback cash

ARC Capital has received the award made by the Beijing Second Intermediate Court in respect of the Jiadeli Holdback. HNA Group has paid the company RMB93m and ARC Capital Holdings has waived the interest due. After costs the company ends up with the equivalent of $13m – they might have to pay some tax on […]

22 Apr 2015

ARC Capital – the new board speaks

The new board of ARC Capital has made an announcement today about the litigation that the fund is involved in. So we don’t inadvertently say the wrong thing, here is their announcement in full: “Independent Legal Review  On 24 December 2014, Cielo Overseas Limited (“Cielo”), ARCH’s majority shareholder, released an announcement in which it confirmed […]

03 Feb 2015

ARC Capital Board loses vote

ARC Capital Holdings has announced that at the EGM held yesterday the proposals put forward were approved by shareholders. Alpay Ece, Sean Hurst and Cosimo Borrelli (the “New Board”) have therefore been appointed as directors of the Company with immediate effect. Steven Feniger, Helen Wong and Tian-Cho Chu have been removed from the office of […]

29 Dec 2014

ARC Capital requisition of shareholder meeting

ARC Capital has announced that 0n 24 December 2014 it received a requisition from Cielo Overseas Limited, an associate of PAG Holdings Limited requiring the Company to call a general meeting of ARC’s shareholders. At the meeting shareholders will be asked to vote on the appointment of three new directors and the removal of Helen Wong, Steve Feniger, and […]

30 Jul 2014

ARC Capital : ARCH – update on sale of Funtalk

ARC Capital, which is currently suspended, has released another update on the sale of Funtalk (it was hoping to get at least $137.3m for its stake). The situation is complex and so we have included the full text of the announcement below but in summary it looks as though that rather than ARC Capital selling […]

04 Jul 2014

ARC Capital : ARCH – Funtalk update

ARC Capital has been trying to sell its holding in Funtalk China Holdings. Shareholders have approved the deal but today ARC Capital Holdings has announced that one of the other conditions that needed to be satisfied before the deal could take place has not been fulfilled yet – namely that PAG Asia I LP (a vehicle […]

13 Jun 2014

ARC Capital Holdings : ARCH – final results

ARC Capital Holdings has published its final results for the year that ended on 31 December 2013. While these numbers are very out of date now, they do say that the NAV fell from $0.92 to $0.83 over the year. It made two sales in the year – of Goodbaby and Shaanxi Dade Eucation Development […]

10 Jun 2014

ARC Capital Holdings : ARCH – balance of sale proceeds

ARC Capital Holdings has been award RMB90m plus interest and arbitration fees by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in respect of ARC Capital’s sale of Jiadeli Supermarkets. The sale concluded in October 2010 but the buyer, HNA Group, and ARC Capital were unable to agree on the amount of a “holdback” related to […]

10 Feb 2014

ARC Capital Holdings : ARCH – resignation of manager

Following last week’s announcement of a dispute between ARC Capital and its manager, ARCH has today announced that the manager has resigned with immediate effect. ARC Capital say though that they understood that the manager had to give them six months notice under the terms of the management agreement.

06 Feb 2014

ARC Capital : ARCH – update on Orient Home and Funtalk

In December 2010 ARC Capital lent Orient Home Co Limited RMB480m ($79m) so that it could buy Orient Home Industrial Co. but, although “Orient Home Co failed to comply with the conditions precedent set out in the Agreement” which should have meant that the loan should have been repaid, it wasn’t. In July 2013 ARC Capital […]

20 Jan 2014

ARC Capital : ARCH – disposal

ARC Capital has sold its stake in Ningxia Xiajin Dairy, the largest manufacturer of dairy products in Ningxia province, for $30m – 1.7x the price ARC paid for it but just 80% of its estimated value at 30 September 2013.  

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