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About QuotedData

QuotedData – Free, reliable research for everyone

QuotedData is part of Marten & Co www.martenandco.com, our other highly respected financial services business, which provides services for professional investors.

Both offer investment information, but there’s a difference: the QuotedData website and the information in it is for investors who find it hard to access high-quality, reliable research on UK and European-listed companies – perhaps because they don’t have a budget for it.

We don’t think that’s fair, so we offer it here for free.

How it all works

We produce and distribute independent research on carefully selected companies, some of which pay for it to be produced.  We write with a balanced, objective view. Please see our research objectives and principles for more detail. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make your investment decisions.

At the moment, you can expect to find research on investment companies; financial stocks; property companies; REITs; and mining shares. The site is expanding all the time, providing more and more valuable information.  We aim to cover the whole of the equity market in the not too distant future.

And there’s more

We pride ourselves on the quality of our research but we also offer much more information, to help readers make investment decisions.

  • Take a look at our News page, which focuses on the key stories in the sectors we cover, selected by our expert, in-house analysts;
  • Want to crunch the numbers?  In the Data  section, you can find lots of performance statistics and background information, updated daily;
  • We also provide general tips about investing in our Helpful Stuff  section; and
  • We have built a glossary of investment terms, which you can find from our Search box.

And as well as our sponsored research, we write in-depth, independent articles on a range of sectors, which we think you’ll find invaluable too.

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To receive our research direct to your in-box, all you have to do is sign up (see the top right hand corner of our website). It’s quick and easy.

Spreading the word

If you find QuotedData useful, why not let us know?  We’d also love to hear from you if you have ideas about how we could improve the site.  Please also tell us if there’s any specific information you’d like to see.

You can follow us on Twitter @QuotedData, and on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Feel free to retweet, or share our posts – it’s good to spread the word.  And if you would be interested in hosting our research on your site, or republishing our work, let’s have a chat about that too.  Our content is already much in demand by third-party websites, such as news publications –  see services we offer for further details.

Last but not least

We can provide you with lots of information to help you make investment decisions, but we can’t offer advice or opinion.  So, if you still have questions after you’ve checked out our site, we’d suggest you talk to a good financial adviser.

And finally, as you might expect, we’re professionals: Quoted Data is a trading name of Marten and Co which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Information provided by Quoted Data is not regulated investment research.

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