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Services we offer to other websites

The QuotedData website is part of Marten & Co, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you represent an execution only platform, content aggregators, publisher, corporate website or a research library, then we want you to think of the QuotedData as a shop window of potential services that you can use. We offer quality information on listed companies for websites, information that retail equity investors want and need. Individual investors and advisors use this website as a free resource, seeking more information than a tip sheet or data feed can provide. Whether they are trading or reviewing the portfolios, it allows them to get the information they need to be comfortable with their decisions.

We offer feeds, in the main, at zero cost:

  • News – Equity sectors and company news
  • Research – Equity sectors, thematic and company research
  • Education – Equity sector guides, glossary, key terms and teach in sessions with our analysts

Process of implementation

We can embed these feeds into websites in what everformat you want, for free an with minimal fuss. We can even offer a professional look with our brand associated with it as a stamp of authority or white labelled look and you can even advertise around them. We can manage the whole process, suggest ways to increase your advertising income and google ranking, or simply provide the content you want.

How is the service paid for?

A small percentage of our content is sponsored, however we tell the reader when this is the case. Even though this content is paid for content, we create it and keep editorial control at all times, ensuring that the finished product is balanced and useful for readers rather than marketing “puff”. As a further safety measure we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we don’t offer advice to non-professional investors and everything you read has been written with the private investor in mind, with no recommendation to buy, sell or hold an investment.

Quality not Quantity!

Our initial focus has been UK quoted Investment Companies, Investment Trust and Property Companies (to get the best over arching insight into asset classes and geographies), but when we meet the right analysts, we will cover all equity sectors. Over the next few months we’ll start coverage of Mining & Resource stocks and we are expecting new data feeds and fact sheets on all equity sectors and their companies to be embedded shortly. To reduce the amount of content that we all receive these days and differentiate ourselves from newswires, we focus on the best bits which our trained, experienced analysts pick out.

We hope you like our methodology, service and do reach out to contact us if you want further information. If you are a private individual we do try to encourage that we speak to your financial advisor or execution-only platform, ideally they can then speak to us directly.

If you have any unanswered questions or you have feedback for us, we’d really like to know. Thank you.


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