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New to investing?

It is easy for those of us who work in finance to forget how daunting the world of investing can be if you haven’t had much experience of it. We use so much jargon, abbreviate everything, overcomplicate what should be relatively simple concepts and we are constantly dreaming up new products and new rules and regulations. One of the aims of this website is to try to demystify a lot of this.

We are producing guides for new investors or, alternatively we have created a page by page guide that covers some of the issues you need to think about before you make any investment, what do you want from your investments? – growth, income or both, what sort of assets you might want to invest in, whether it makes sense to invest at home or abroad, how you can access these investments (directly or through a fund) and the various types of tax efficient “wrappers” (like ISAs) that are available. We’ll also be producing guides on equity sectors, so you can learn more about the business and markets in which they operate. Our first guide is our Quoted Investment Companies Guide, we hope you enjoy it.

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