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Choosing an asset manager

Choosing an asset manager

Asset Managers manage funds, choosing the right Asset Manager is one of the most important aspects of picking a fund. Do think about:

  • Resource – regulation does favor larger players however are they the right environment for the strategy or person managing it. This includes looking at the fund manager him/her self and their assistant managers and support staff.
  • Do they pay research commissions or pass the cost onto a fund i.e. you?
  • Fees they charge their funds (can be looked at the fund level)
  • Areas of specialism
  • Reporting, information, engagement and communications they give to the market (operate investor roadshows, attend and speak at events, videos and obviously helps to hire a good independent sponsored research firm too!)
  • Performance
  • Location (London or other large global centers attracts capital and the companies and investment ideas head that way too. However focused long term funds may prefer less noise and with ease of communications these days this is less of a concentration point. The country and its regulatory framework is worth understanding factoring in also, as is the tax implications of investing in different jurisdictions.
  • Other – many other aspects.

For more information do look at our News and Research on Asset Managers

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