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12 Apr 2024
QuotedData’s weekly news show 23rd June 2023 with Jonathan Hick from Triple Point Energy Transition

QuotedData’s weekly news show 12th April 2024

Thank you to everyone that listened in today, whether you watched the Zoom live or on YouTube. In this week’s show, James Carthew covered the week’s top stories: • Third Point Investors (0:30) • Literacy Capital (5:37) • Batteries – Gore Street Energy Capital (8:02) This week’s interview was with Phil Waller from JPMorgan Global […]

12 Apr 2024

QD view – Navigating a sticky situation

On the economic front, this week’s big news was US inflation figures coming in ahead of expectations. This knocked both equity and bond markets, and cast doubts on the prospect of any interest rate cut in June, as had been expected beforehand. Sticky inflation One reason why US inflation seems to be stickier than the […]

12 Apr 2024

Gulf Investment Fund continues to meet its minimum size condition after tender

Gulf Investment Fund (GIF) has announced the results of its tender offer, which closed on 11 April 2024. 1,157,160 shares were tendered, equal to 2.89% of its issued share capital meaning that, post the tender, GIF’s share capital will be 38,946,044 shares, which is above the minimum size condition of 38,000,000 shares set by its […]

12 Apr 2024

A good year for Mercantile, despite challenging markets

Mercantile (MRC) has published its annual results for the year ended 31 January 2024, during which it provided NAV and share price total returns of 5.4% and 6.1% respectively, outperforming its benchmark, which returned 1.8%. Its chairman, Angus Gordon Lennox, says that existing portfolio holdings have been performing well, despite the challenging conditions of the […]

11 Apr 2024

Impax Environmental Markets lags market dominated by Magnificent Seven

Impax Environmental Markets (IEM) says its NAV total return for 2023 was 4.5% and, as its discount widened, the return to shareholders was -3.7%. [There is no good benchmark for the portfolio, but we would use the MSCI All Countries World Index, which returned 15.3% in a year where the market’s focus was on very […]

11 Apr 2024

Solid results and promising dividend outlook for Downing Renewables

Downing Renewables and Infrastructure generated a positive NAV total return of 3.5% over 2023, the flatter figure for 2023 reflecting more normal power prices. In common with other renewables companies, the discount widened over the year; the share price fell to 90p from 113.5p and now stands at 75.2p, a 36.1% discount to the end […]

11 Apr 2024

QuotedData’s morning briefing 11 April 2024 – ONWD, AEIT, GPE, SERE

In QuotedData’s morning briefing 11 April 2024: Onward Opportunities (ONWD) says its NAV total return from IPO on 30 March 2023 to end December 2023 was 11.3%. This compares to a 3.7% fall in the value of the UK AIM All Share index. The company trades at a premium and raised more money last month, […]

10 Apr 2024

Tech underweight weighs on Global Opportunities Trust

The Global Opportunities Trust (GOT) has announced its annual results for the year ending 31 December 2023. The company’s NAV total return was 1.7% while shares fell 3.6% with the discount widening to 18.6% at the end of the year . In comparison, the global market benchmark All-World Total Return Index rose by 15.7%, following […]

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