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Helpful stuff

Helpful stuff

This helpful stuff section of the site is the gateway to a library of useful information about investing. We are constantly expanding and updating this area but if there’s something we’ve missed, please let us know using the contact us tab below. Please also use the Helpful Stuff drop down, from the main menu, which has more on offer too.

Other than news and research, we love learning! Also our readers do, this ranges from professionals wanting CPD credits to develop their understanding and careers, yes we train the pros, but also intellectually inquisitive individuals, keen to beat the crowd.

To start with, we begin with a few baby steps, for those new to investing.

Then offer a easy explanation of the different fund types – buy direct or via a fund? With some free guides.

We then explain how our Data pages work – these let you compare similar companies and funds – and how to interpret the information on the individual company and fund pages.

If you are not lost so far, you are doing well! It maybe time to learn how to stay in touch with the market. Maybe:

  • Join our weekly webinar or review past shows, interviews and videos. Here are the past events.
  • Keep in touch with the next IPO! Information on these are thin, so this resource will help.
  • And in time we want to do more to help you review the investment trading platforms to ensure you have a fair deal and have a few other projects brewing to help investors, so please sign up to our news and research and spread the word.

Finally, please do update your settings, so you get the information you need. No one wants too many emails; though obviously we do our best to make sure they are quality when they come!

Hold on I’m lost!!!
Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring! If in doubt, use our Search Box – we do!

If there’s a word or phrase used on the site whose meaning you are unsure of, or a company you are searching for just type it into the search box. If there is a word or phrase we haven’t explained, let us know via the contact us tab and we’ll try to help.

At QuotedData our mission is not to tell you what to do with your money but to give you the tools to make your own investment decisions, if that’s what you want to do, or to understand what your financial adviser is telling you, if that’s the option you’ve taken. We are not allowed to give you investment advice so please don’t ask us if you should buy this or sell that. However if there’s anything about investing that you are not sure you understand, you’ve come to the right place.

Please review our cookie, privacy & data protection and terms and conditions policies and, if you accept, please select your place of residence and whether you are a private or professional investor.

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