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Atrato Onsite Energy : ROOF

Atrato Onsite Energy aims to deliver capital growth together with long-term, secure and progressive income for investors with limited exposure to wholesale power prices; contribute to the UK’s net zero transition; and integrate ESG best practice with a focus on adding new renewable energy capacity and onsite clean energy solutions.

The company will seek to achieve its investment objectives by primarily investing in behind-the-meter solar photovoltaic (solar PV) generation systems and associated infrastructure, predominantly located on the roofs of commercial buildings.

These systems will be commercialised through long-term, indexed power purchase agreements with the occupiers of the industrial and commercial properties on which the assets are installed. The generation of green energy directly at the point of use brings economic savings, avoids grid losses, provides traceability of supply, enables the creation of additional renewable energy capacity and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Atrato Onsite Energy is targeting an annualised dividend of 5p for the first and second financial years following the IPO and will seek to grow the dividend progressively thereafter. The company will target an annual total return of 8 – 10% in the first financial year following the IPO and over the medium term.

you can access the company’s website here

ROOF : Atrato Onsite Energy

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