Fidelity Emerging Markets : FEML

Fdelity Emerging Markets (formerly Genesis Emerging Markets : GSS)  tries to provide shareholders with a broadly diversified means of investing in developing countries and immature stock markets, and thus to provide access to “superior returns offered by high rates of economic and corporate growth*, whilst limiting individual country risk.

Fidelity Emerging Markets Limited (FEML) utilises the breadth and depth of Fidelity’s research resources to build a portfolio of quality growth emerging market companies that have the ability to deliver strong and sustainable investment returns. FEML also actively takes advantage of its closed-end structure, with the portfolio management team utilising an extended toolkit to express both positive and negative investment views in an efficient manner. The manager feels that this is particularly attractive in emerging markets, where equity markets are more volatile and valuations can move to extreme levels in both directions.

The fund’s website can be found here.

*company’s claim

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