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Seraphim Space Investment Trust : SSIT

Seraphim Space Investment Trust aims to generate capital growth over the long term through investment in a diversified international portfolio of Space Tech businesses. “Space Tech businesses” means businesses which rely on space-based connectivity or precision, navigation and timing signals or whose technology or services are already addressing, originally derived from, or of potential benefit to the space sector.

The company has no formal benchmark. However, the company will target an annualised NAV total return on the company’s portfolio of at least 20% over the long-term. This is intended to be a target only and reflects the AIFM’s expectations of the potential returns that can be generated by investing in a portfolio of early and growth stage private companies which have the potential to generate substantial returns for their shareholders over the long-term and recognises that not all portfolio companies will achieve their potential and that some may fail in their entirety. It should not be taken as an indication of the company’s expected future performance, return or results over any period and does not constitute a profit forecast.  Prospective investors should not place any reliance on the target return referred to above in deciding whether to invest.

As the priority is to produce capital growth over the long term, the company has no dividend target and will not seek to provide its shareholders with a particular level of distribution.

You can access the fund’s website here

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