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How to pick retail share winners as shops reopen

Want to know if the High Street is a good place to invest? Check out the queues at Primark: How to pick retail share winners as shops reopen

PUBLISHED: 21:52, 24 April 2021 | UPDATED: 13:26, 26 April 2021

Two weeks on from the latest step taken in lockdown easing and it seems the country has acquired an insatiable appetite for consuming pints of beer outside and queuing patiently to get into Primark.

While our enthusiasm for alfresco drinking may be dependent upon the weather, investment analysts are busy assessing whether people’s adoration of Primark will continue once a trip to non-essential shops becomes less of a novelty…

How retail has been performing 

Buying retail shares, even before lockdown eased, was not a bad investment call. The FTSE 350 General Retailers Index gives a good representation of the equity fortunes of UK retailers. It includes Dunelm, Halfords, Next and M&S among its constituents.

Since the start of last year, this index has risen 19 per cent compared with a loss of 2.7 per cent for the FTSE 350 Index as a whole…

Picking winners in the sector 

Investment expert Danni Hewson says those retailers that are ready for a hybrid world where we mix online shopping with high street browsing will do best…

Investment funds for the shopping basket

Plenty of investment funds have exposure to retail stocks…


With social distancing in, and crowded stores out, retail parks located out-of-town have enjoyed an unexpected resurgence.

Richard Williams, an analyst at investment trust research company QuotedData, agrees that retail parks should flourish.

He likes the Ediston fund as well as real estate trust NewRiver.

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