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Why a stocks and shares Isa is the perfect gift for a baby

Violet is five months old — a good age to start investing in the market, says her devoted uncle David Brenchley

David Brenchley, Friday September 03 2021, 5.00pm, The Times

It’s always exciting when you can welcome a new baby to the family. This was certainly the case with the birth of my niece, Violet, 20 weeks ago. Her arrival was particularly meaningful because it came ten months after my father died…

You’d think that for someone who writes and reads a lot about investing, building a pot would be fairly simple. But when it involves the people you love it becomes more complicated.

Jisas are tax-free savings accounts that can be set up by parents or guardians for children under 18. A total of £9,000 can be paid in to a Jisa in the 2021-22 tax year, and anyone can contribute…

What you will pay

Having decided to go for a stocks and shares Jisa, the next thing I have to grapple with is charges…

What to invest in?

..Since I’m planning to oversee Violet’s stocks and shares Jisa, however, I asked the professionals what I should invest in for the best, not too risky, long-term returns.

Most of the funds they suggested are actively managed, by a human stockpicker, and globally orientated, holding shares in companies from around the world. James Carthew from the information website QuotedData, suggested Alliance Trust and RIT Capital as “solid global investment trusts that aren’t too risky”. Alliance Trust has a “multi-manager” approach, meaning it farms out its money to third-party fund managers.

“The key is to make no attempt to time markets,” Carthew said. “Pound cost averaging [putting away a set amount each month] can work wonders, especially in periods when everyone is running for the hills.” He picked out Herald Investment Trust as a strong long-term performer. It invests in smaller companies around the world with a bias towards British businesses.

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