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An independent guide to quoted investment companies

The QuotedData independent guide to quoted investment companies aims to help investors and financial advisers better understand investment companies and help them make better informed investment decisions.


This guide is arranged in two parts. The first is designed to give you all the basic information you need to start using investment companies – building from simple concepts to more difficult ones. The second part explains some of the more technical aspects of how they work.

First section:

  • What is a quoted investment company?
  • What makes investment companies different to other funds?
  • Comparing investment companies to open-ended funds
  • Types of investment company
  • Investment objectives and policies
  • Choosing an investment company
  • Research before you invest

Second section:

  • How is your money managed?
  • Investment company structures
  • The role of the board and shareholder rights
  • Net asset values (NAVs)
  • What is a discount?
  • Managing the discount
  • Analysing past performance
  • Thinking about risk
  • Income, dividends and yields
  • Fees and expenses
  • Our sponsors
  • Distribution Partners
  • About QuotedData
  • Further reading

We hope that the guide will help clarify the jargon that appears in many of the communications from the investment world. It is designed to build investors’ knowledge, starting with relatively simple topics, and then moving up to fairly complex concepts, in a way that is easy to understand. The guide is uniquely suitable for all types of investors, whether you a seasoned investment adviser (Unstructured CPD learning credits can be earned as it is endorsed by the CISI – Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment) or a private investor interested to learn more about this exciting and diverse sector. It is also a completely independent guide, so should provide a good addition to any educational library.

Please download: 161102-the-quoteddata-guide-to-analysing-and-selecting-quoted-investment-companies

Our analysts are running a series of webinars on the content of the guide. Click here for more detail.

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