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Investment trust insider on emerging market bonds


Investment trust insider on emerging market bonds – James Carthew: it’s high time for emerging market bonds

The third quarter of the year looks set to be a bumper period for launches of new investment trusts but, as often happens, markets are not playing ball.

Emerging markets have switched into reverse gear again with the twin problems of US dollar strength and the opening salvos in a trade war hitting sentiment.

The big headline issues are the collapse of Turkey’s lira and bond markets, and Argentina resorting to a bail-out by the International Monetary Fund to shore up its economy and currency….

…. it seems as though the emerging markets equity space is well served for investment ideas. I was thinking, is now a good time for someone to be considering launching an emerging markets bond fund?

Emerging markets bonds are an obvious hole in the investment companies line-up but an appetite for the asset class clearly exists…

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