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QuotedData’s morning briefing 12 July 2022

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In QuotedData’s morning briefing 12 July 2022:

  • Chrysalis (CHRY) holding, Wefox, the Berlin-based insurtech platform, has successfully closed a Series D funding round, raising $400m (comprising equity and debt) which now values the business at $4.5bn. The current valuation makes it the world’s most valuable privately held insurtech asset.The current valuation compares against the $3bn post money valuation achieved as part of the Series C funding round approximately twelve months ago, a 50% uplift. Chrysalis did not participate in the funding round and the achieved valuation underpins the current carrying value of the asset. Wefox is its second largest asset and represents 13.3% of the portfolio.
  • SLF Realisation (SLFR) has announced that within the Ordinary Share Class portfolio, Borrower 4*, an anaerobic digestion plant located in Scotland has refinanced. The position was restructured and sold, repaying the fund £2.7m plus the potential for a further £200k of deferred consideration. It had a carrying value of £2.5m as at 31 March 2022 with a further £100k advanced to fund creditors post the March 2022 valuation.

We also have annual results from TwentyFour Income and a new investment from SDCL Energy Efficiency Income.

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