QuotedData’s weekly news update 1st September 2023

QuotedData’s weekly news show 23rd June 2023 with Jonathan Hick from Triple Point Energy Transition

Thank you to everyone that listened in today, whether you watched the Zoom live, on Facebook or on YouTube.

In this week’s show, James Carthew covered the week’s top stories:

• Harmony Energy Income (0:35)
• Triple Point Social Housing (8:19)

Andrew McHattie looked at the major NAV, price and discount moves over August (12:46).

This week’s interview was with Ed Simpson from GCP Infrastructure – watch it again here.

1 thought on “QuotedData’s weekly news update 1st September 2023”

  1. These weekly shows are essential listening for me but it would be really helpful if dividend cover was mentioned for infrastructure in particular e.g. Digital 9 will only get dividend cover in over a years time.

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