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QuotedData’s morning briefing 10 January 2024 – GSF, RKW, MINI

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In QuotedData’s morning briefing 10 January 2024:

  • Gore Street Energy Storage Fund (GSF) provided an update for the three months to 31 December 2023. The quarter continued to highlight the stability of the company’s revenue, with the portfolio generating an estimated £15.1/MW/hr, consistent with the £15.1/MW/hr generated during the prior six months to 30 September 2023. In addition, operational capacity increased by 27% and a new strategic partnership with Nidec was established with 14,000,000 new ordinary shares issued at NAV.
  • Rockwood Strategic (RKW) has announced it will issue 50,000 ordinary shares of 5 pence each from its blocklisting facility at a price of 211.80 pence per share. The shares will be issued for cash on 11 January 2024. The issued share capital will consist of 28,311,090 ordinary shares and there are no shares held in treasury. Therefore, the total number of voting rights in the company will be 28,311,090.
  • Miton UK Microcap (MINI) says that the redemption price for its 2 November 2023 redemption point is 53.28p per share (including dividends and bank interest received). Payments will be despatched to the former shareholders of the company whose shares were redeemed in the November 2023 redemption on or around 24 January 2024.

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