Apax Global alpha investing €5.1m in Integrated Environmental Solutions

Apax Global Alpha (AGA) has announced that the Apax Global Impact Fund (AGI), in which AGA is a limited partner, has agreed to acquire a controlling stake in Integrated Environmental Solutions, which AGA describes as a leader in providing software to optimise a building’s energy use. AGA is investing approximately €5.1m on a look-through basis. This investment from APAX will enable IES to scale to meet the increasing demand for sustainability-focused software solutions from building designers, owners, and tenants.

AGA says that IES delivers innovative technology solutions and consultancy services to help decarbonise buildings, communities, and cities. It simulates and analyses data to give those involved in the design, retrofit and operation of buildings the information needed to make smarter, more sustainable decisions.

AGA, whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, provides investors with access to a diversified portfolio of private equity funds advised by Apax as well as a focused portfolio of predominantly debt investments (‘Derived Investments’). In March 2022, AGA made a commitment of $60m to AGI.

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