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27 Jan 2023

QD view – In defence of growth

Edinburgh Worldwide recently published its annual results – covering the 12-month period to 31 October 2022 – and the figures are not great. Over the period, the NAV fell by 40.3% and the share price by 46.0%. The fund benchmarks its performance against the S&P Global Small Cap Index and this returned -6.8% over the […]

26 Jan 2023

Former Henderson EuroTrust analyst charged with insider dealing

The FCA has started criminal proceedings against five individuals for conspiracy to commit insider dealing and money laundering. The FCA alleges that Redinel Korfuzi, Oerta Korfuzi, Iva Spahiu, Rogerio de Aquino and Dema Almeziad conspired to commit offences of insider dealing between 17 December 2019 and 25 March 2021. Specifically, the FCA alleges that Mr […]

26 Jan 2023

JLEN and HydrogenOne investing in green hydrogen

JLEN Environmental Assets and HydrogenOne Capital Growth are making their first investments into the green hydrogen sector. JLEN is buying a 33% equity stake in Foresight Hydrogen Holdco GmbH. Foresight Hydrogen Holdco holds a 75% stake in HH2E Werk Thierbach GmbH, a Special Purpose Vehicle which owns the development rights to the Thierbach green hydrogen […]

26 Jan 2023

QuotedData’s morning briefing 26 January 2023

In QuotedData’s morning briefing 26 January 2023: Literacy Capital (BOOK) has published its quarterly trading and NAV update for the three months ending 31 December 2022. The NAV rose to 420.6p from 384.9p, contributing to a total NAV return of +9.3% in the last three months and +51.7% in the last twelve months. Portfolio companies […]

24 Jan 2023

CC Japan Income and Growth held back by weak yen

CC Japan Income and Growth has pubished results covering the 12 months ended 31 October 2022. Over that period, the trust’s NAV return was -5.9% and the return to shareholders -7.1%. By contrast, the TOPIX index returned -9.5% The revenue return per share improved from 4.75p to 5.14p and from this the company declared dividends […]

24 Jan 2023

QuotedData’s morning briefing 24 January 2023

In QuotedData’s morning briefing 24 January 2023: JPMorgan Global Income & Growth (JGGI) says its C share portfolio now has 77% commonality with its ordinary share portfolio. The C share portfolio contains holdings from JPMorgan Elect Managed Growth that the managers thought it might take some time to sell. The board decides when the time […]

19 Jan 2023

Bankers lags benchmark but maintains dividend record

The Bankers Investment trust has announced results covering the 12 months ended 31 October 2022. Over that period, the NAV total return was -11.3% underperforming the World Index by 8.5%. A widening discount meant that the share price total return was -13.4%. The wider discount emerged even though 18.2m shares (1.5% of the company) were […]

19 Jan 2023

Trian Investors distributing cash and Ferguson shares to investors

Trian Investors 1 is preparing to make an in-specie distribution of the Ferguson plc shares which were distributed from Trian Investors 1, L.P. to the Company on 6 January 2023. In exchange, there will be a compulsory partial redemption of Trian Investors 1 ordinary shares. The share distribution will be based on investors’ holdings of […]

19 Jan 2023

Q4 2022 update from 3i Infrastructure

3i Infrastructure has published a quarterly update covering the final quarter of 2022. It says that overall the portfolio performed well, exceeding the expectations set in September 2022, and continues to deliver strong performance. The board believes that the company is on track to deliver its dividend target of 11.15p for the financial year ended […]

19 Jan 2023

Foresight Sustainable Forestry achieves full deployment of IPO proceeds

Foresight Sustainable Forestry says that its June 2022 equity fundraising proceeds have now been fully deployed. This follows the completion of eleven purchases and provides an update on the development of afforestation properties (where it is planting trees into land that is currently not forest) in the portfolio. New investments The trust has deployed a […]

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