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MIGO Opportunities Trust : MIGO

MIGO Opportunities Trust (formerly Miton Global Opportunities and before that Miton Worldwide Growth : MWGT) is a global fund of closed-end funds. It aims to outperform SONIA plus 2% over the longer term, principally through exploiting the pricing of closed-end funds.

The company invests in closed-end investment funds traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market, but has the flexibility to invest in investment funds listed or dealt on other recognised stock exchanges, in unlisted closed-end funds (including, but not limited to, funds traded on the AIM All-Share Index) and in open-ended investment funds. The funds in which the company invests may include all types of investment trusts, companies and funds established onshore or offshore. The company has the flexibility to invest in any class of security issued by investment funds including, without limitation, equity, debt, warrants or other convertible securities. In addition, the company may invest in other securities, such as non-investment fund debt, if deemed to be appropriate to produce the desired returns to shareholders.

you can access the trust’s website here

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