Augmentum Fintech : AUGM

Augmentum Fintech : AUGM enables investors to gain exposure to a focused portfolio of fast growing and/or high potential private financial services technology (“fintech”) businesses based predominantly in the UK and wider Europe to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for shareholders.

The company will invest in early (but not seed) or later stage investments in unquoted fintech businesses which are high growth, with scalable opportunities, and have disruptive technologies in the banking, insurance and asset management sectors, including other cross-industry propositions.

Their premise is that the financial services sector is ripe for disruption; yet to happen in the significant way that has been seen in other sectors such as retail and travel. The UK is at the centre of this disruption due to several factors, including pragmatic regulation and sector “DNA”. The management team sees the opportunity to capitalise on the lower valuations of early stage businesses in Europe, as compared to the US. The substantial demand for post-seed venture capital funding in the European fintech market is creating an equity gap The Management Team will use its expertise, experience and networks in the fintech sector to actively drive value creation in its investee companies, stimulating growth, and positively influencing future financing and exits.

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Augmentum Fintech : AUGM

You can view our interviews with the company’s Fund Managers below:

02 September 2022: Tim Levene – Weekly Show

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