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Henderson Diversified Income : HDIV

HDIV aims to provide its shareholders with a high level of income and preservation of capital, through the economic cycle.

It invests in a diversified portfolio of global fixed income and floating rate asset classes. The company may use gearing to enhance returns. Dividends, which make up the bulk of returns for investors, are paid quarterly

We have written notes that explain how the fund works:

  • Merger terms agreed“published on 4 October 2023, looks at the proposed combination of Henderson High Income with Henderson Diversified Income
  • Ahead of the curve“, published in March 2022, looked at the prospects for interest rate rises
  • Sticking to its guns“, published in August 2021, discussed the managers’ conviction on the direction of inflation
  • Grounds for optimism“, published in January 2021, explains why the trust’s relative performance might be set to improve
  • Favourable style and structure“, published in July 2020, highlighted the reasons for the trust’s strong relative performance
  • Soft landing likely….“, published in November 2019, discussed the risk of a global recession
  • Death rattle for bull market“, published in April 2019, states that the managers at HDIV believe the serious wobble in the last couple months of 2018 are a warning sign that the bull market is heading for a turn
  • Winter is coming“, published in October 2018, the stance of HDIV’s portfolio is reflective of the the economic cycle that they believe is nearing its peak
  • Dear Prudence“, published in November 2017, looks at HDIV’s decision to cut its dividend instead of chase after higher yielding yet riskier opportunities
  • Shift to onshore“, published in May 2017, new to the UK domicile management looks to produce attractive yields while protecting investors’ capital

You can access the manager’s website here

You can view our interviews with the company’s Fund Managers below:

10th December 2021: Nicholas Ware – Weekly Show

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