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Monks AGM 2022


Last year, the Board announced and fully intended to hold a physical meeting but, given the ongoing uncertainty created by rising infections and the potential impact of short-notice cancellation by key participants owing to sickness, reverted to a purely administrative meeting held at the Managers’ offices, limiting attendance to those required for a quorum. We very much hope that this year circumstances will permit us to meet the Company’s shareholders in person. Nevertheless, given that Covid-19 remains in circulation and new variants may present new challenges, the Board encourages all shareholders to exercise their votes at the AGM by completing and submitting a form of proxy. We would encourage shareholders to monitor the Company’s website at where any updates will be posted and market announcements will also be made.

Among the resolutions being put to shareholders at the AGM, new Articles of Association are recommended for adoption. Details of the proposed changes are provided in an Appendix to the Notice of Annual General Meeting. Among them are the provisions necessary for the Company to hold hybrid or remote-only general meetings. These provisions are being introduced purely to enhance the operational resiliency of the Company, to be used in extremis to ensure that the essential business of the Company can be conducted, should circumstances prevent the holding of physical meetings. For avoidance of doubt, the Board’s preference will always be to hold physical general meetings, allowing shareholders the opportunity to discuss the business arising with Directors and Managers in person.

Should shareholders have questions for the Board or the Managers or any queries as to how to vote, they are welcome as always to submit them by email to or call 0800 917 2112.

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