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Finsbury Growth & Income outperforms again

Finsbury Growth & Income reports that its net asset value per share on a total return basis for the year was 20.6% and the share price total return was 20.8% (2015: 11.8%). Both have again significantly outperformed the benchmark. The UK market rose by 16.8% over the same period. The report says that the principal contributions to net asset value performance came from holdings in Unilever, Sage Group and RELX (adding 20.7p, 16.8p and 16.6p to the NAV respectively). The Board has declared two interim dividends for the year totaling 13.1 pence per share (year ended 30 September 2015: 12.1 pence) a year-on-year increase of 8.3%.

£128m worth of new shares were issued over the course of the year to meet demand from investors.

FGT : Finsbury Growth & Income outperforms again

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