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NextEnergy Solar adds 282 rooftop solar assets to its portfolio

NextEnergy Solar adds Cambridgeshire plant to portfolio

NextEnergy Solar adds 282 rooftop solar assets to its portfolio – NextEnergy Solar Fund (NESF) has added a further 1.15MW of capacity through the acquisition of two portfolios of roof top solar assets in the UK. This is the company’s second rooftop portfolio acquisition.

The company has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire the two portfolios for a total investment value of £3.6m. The two portfolios are made up of 282 assets, of which seven are commercial rooftop and the rest residential rooftops.

The first portfolio consists of 63 rooftop solar assets, of which 7 are commercial and the remaining residential, and the second portfolio consists of 219 residential rooftop assets.

All 282 rooftop assets were connected to grid between 2011 and 2012 and receive feed-in-tariff subsidies and an export tariff.  The average size of the residential installations is 2kW.

The acquisition increases NESF’s operating portfolio to 87 assets with a total capacity of 691MW and total investment value of £894m.

Electricity produced at or near the point where it is used is sometimes refered to as Distributed Generation (DG). Distributed solar energy can be located on rooftops or ground-mounted with the agreement and to the benefit of the property owner, and is typically connected to the local electricity grid.

NESF :  NextEnergy Solar adds 282 rooftop solar assets to its portfolio

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