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JPMorgan US Smaller Companies cuts fees

JPMorgan US Smaller Companies cuts fees – JPMorgan US Smaller Companies says that, following a review, the investment management fee arrangements with JPMorgan Funds Limited will change.

With effect from 1st July 2019, the annual investment management fee, currently 100bps (1%) of gross assets, will be charged at an annual rate as detailed below:

  • 90bps (0.9%) on the first £100m of gross assets (excluding any holding in the JPM Liquidity Fund);
  • 75bps (0.75%) on gross assets in excess of £100m (excluding any holding in the JPM Liquidity Fund)

The chairman, Davina Walter said: “The board is delighted to announce the new fee arrangement. The board and JPMF have worked together constructively to structure an investment management fee arrangement that takes into account a range of factors, principally our obligations to the company’s shareholders to ensure they receive good value investment management, but also the company’s positioning in the market place. The board and JPMF have worked proactively and cooperatively in this regard.

We both believe strongly that this new fee structure puts the company in a competitive position relative to peers, and recognises the expertise and resources that the JPMorgan Asset Management investment team bring to this specialist asset class.”

JUSC : JPMorgan US Smaller Companies cuts fees

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