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Change of manager for Schroder UK Public Private

Schroder UK Public Private saw its NAV rise by 16.1% to 40.65p over the six months ended 30 June. As we reported last week, the upcoming IPO of Oxford Nanopore could see this rise further. In the private equity portfolio two new investments were made into Tessian and Revolut. The portfolio had 34 holdings, 25 of which were unquoted and 9 of which were quoted at 30 June.

The public equity portfolio will now be managed by Roger Doig supported by Jack Dempsey. Roger takes over from Ben Wicks. Ben will shortly take a leave of absence from Schroders for a period of paternity leave and, on his return, will focus on his roles as head of research innovation and co-leadership of Schroders’ Data Insights Unit.

Roger has been a senior analyst in Schroders’ pan-European equity research team since 2014, prior to which he was a member of Schroders’ European credit research team. He has been working closely with Ben and the wider Schroders equity investment team since soon after Schroders took over the management of the company, researching and developing a pipeline of potential investment opportunities.

Roger will be supported by Jack Dempsey. Jack’s investment experience began when he joined Schroders in 2016. He has strong experience in the UK markets having worked on a number of strategies focused on UK & European companies in the past, with a particular focus on small and mid-cap names and is currently the lead portfolio manager of the Schroder ISF Italian Equity fund. Jack has been working with the wider SUPP team since June 2021.

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