Temple Bar : TMPL

Temple Bar’s investment objective to provide growth in income and capital to achieve a long term total return greater than the benchmark FTSE All-Share Index through investment primarily in UK securities.  The Company’s policy is to invest in a broad spread of securities with typically the majority of the portfolio selected from the constituents of the FTSE 350 Index.

The Manager’s investment approach is  premised on a contrarian view on the timing of buy and sell decisions, buying  the shares of companies when sentiment towards them is thought to be near its  worst and aiming to sell them as fundamental profit improvement and/or re-evaluation  of their long-term prospects takes place. The belief is that repeated investor behaviour in driving down the  prices of ‘out of favour’ companies to below their fair value will offer  investment opportunities. This will allow Temple Bar to purchase shares at significant discounts to their fair value with the aim of selling them as they become more  fully valued, principally as a result of predictable patterns in human psychology.

On 23 September 2020, we published a note describing the new approach that RWC Partners would take to the management of the portfolio – Keeping faith

On 23 April 2021, we followed that up with a note that discussed the early success of the new management team – Just getting started

On 8 December 2021, we published an annual overview note which highlighted the managers’ conviction that an investment in value need not mean compromising on quality or growth – No Compromise

On 13 August 2022, we published Time to shine

On 26 June 2023, we published True colours took another look at the trust as it approached the three-year anniversary of the new managers coming on board

On 27 March 2024, we published Foundations for success, looking at TMPL’s positioning as economic conditions change

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You can view our interviews with the company’s Fund Managers below:

1st April 2022: Ian Lance – Weekly Show