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Geiger Counter – Nuclear exposure

Geiger Counter Limited GCL Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Exposure

Geiger Counter (GCL’s) managers see the potential for further recovery in the uranium price, as more nuclear reactors come on line (particularly in China and India, where governments are keen to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions) while major producers hold off from reactivating mothballed mines (a low uranium price has seen a lot of uranium mining capacity removed from the market – see Figure 4 on page 7). This should help broaden the recovery in uranium stocks beyond just the major uranium companies, benefitting GCL’s portfolio, which is focused on smaller uranium companies, and potentially allowing it to make up recent underperformance. The managers note that uranium is emerging from a 10-year bear market which has left valuations of uranium miners at attractive levels.

Capital growth from a diversified global portfolio of uranium stocks

GCL aims to provide investors with capital growth by investing in a portfolio of securities of companies involved in the exploration, development and production of energy, as well as related service companies. Its main focus is the uranium sector, but up to 30% of assets can be invested in other resource-related companies. These include, but are not limited to, shares, convertibles, fixed-income securities and warrants.

wdt_ID Year ended Share price total return (%) NAV total return (%) URAX Index total return (%) Cameco share price total return (%) Global X Uranium ETF total return (%)
1 28/02/15 (39.7) (25.5) (25.9) (29.8) (33.8)
2 28/02/16 (27.6) (31.9) (37.2) (10.9) (36.6)
3 28/02/17 106.4 77.4 61.3 5.5 48.6
4 28/02/18 (28.6) (39.9) (2.8) (25.8) (31.3)
5 28/02/19 0.0 0.4 11.2 37.2 1.0


190320 GCL Initiation QD

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