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FastForward considering investment in gaming technology

The Board of FastForward is pleased to provide the following strategic update to its shareholders.

  1. The Company believes that there are exceptional opportunities available to it in the gaming technology sector.  These opportunities are available to the Company largely because of the network of the Company’s Board of Directors, advisers and large shareholders. The Company believes that the gaming technology sector has very positive macro-economic characteristics and represents a very significant growth opportunity;
  2. The Company is currently carrying out due diligence on a number of new investments in the gaming technology sector and  expects to announce new investments in the relatively short term;
  3. The Company is exploring adding additional gaming expertise and experience to its Board of Directors;
  4. The Company believes that almost all of its current investments are significantly ahead of plan and have a realisable  value in the long term which is greater than and in some cases significantly greater than their current carrying  value

Specifically, the Company believes its investments in Biotechnology, education technology, and its investment in Yooya could yield significant returns in the near term.  Exit opportunities on favourable terms are under review for these investments.  With respect to Education Technology the Board is exploring strategic alternatives which could allow FastForward shareholders to enjoy benefits from ownership in a stand-alone Education Technology vehicle, potentially by way of distribution in specie.

More information on all of these developments will be made as and when appropriate.

FFWD : FastForward considering investment in gaming technology

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