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Henderson Diversified Income Trust – Dear Prudence


Henderson Diversified Income Trust – Dear Prudence

171102 HDIV Update QD

In the face of declining yields across its investment universe, the managers of Henderson Diversified Income Trust plc (HDIV) have decided to take a pragmatic and sensible approach by refusing to chase higher yielding but riskier opportunities. Instead the trust is paying the price for prudence by cutting its dividend. The managers say many shareholders have been consulted and are supportive of this move.

High income from a flexible fixed income portfolio

HDIV’s objective is to seek income and capital growth such that, on a rolling annual basis, the total return on the NAV exceeds three-month sterling LIBOR plus 2%. It has a global mandate and invests selectively across the full spectrum of fixed income asset classes including, but not limited to, secured loans; government bonds; asset-backed securities; investment-grade corporate bonds; high-yield corporate bonds; unrated bonds; preference and selective high-yield equity shares; hybrid securities; convertible bonds; and floating-rate notes. The managers use borrowings to enhance returns.

Dividends, which comprise the bulk of returns for investors, are paid quarterly.

HDIV : Henderson Diversified Income Trust – Dear Prudence

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