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QuotedData’s other news 14 May 2019

FastForward Innovations has announced that it has sold part of its stake in Vemo Education Inc. for a cash consideration of US$442,235.33. FastForward has sold its Series seed-1 preferred holding of 2,527,059 shares and is left with a holding of 1,000,000 Series seed-2 preferred shares (0.47% of Vemo). The series 2  share class enjoys significantly preferential conversion rights. FastForward is trading at a three-year share price low.

Starwood European Real Estate Finance contributed €52m to the funding of a €104m mezzanine loan secured by a diversified portfolio of assets located in the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. The portfolio comprises 165 assets and “provides strong diversification in terms of tenant base, location and asset class“. The loan term is 3 years with two 1 year extension options. On 8 May 2019 SWEF received full repayment of €18.85m on its loan to an Irish School.

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