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Vietnam Holding focused on the future

Vietnam Holding reports on year of transition

Vietnam Holding focused on the future – after a difficult period for performance and one of considerable upheaval for the company, Vietnam Holding is focused on building a portfolio of growing Vietnamese companies with strong ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects.

Over the year ended 30 June 2019, Vietnam Holding delivered a negative return of 11.17%, compared to a total return increase of 2.30% in the VN70 Index and a total return decline of 5.60% in the Vietnam All Share Index (all in USD terms). In addition, we saw:

  • the appointment of Dynam Capital Limited as the new investment manager on 16 July 2018;
  • shareholders approving continuation of the fund for 5 years;
  • a 15% tender offer;
  • a re-domicile from Cayman to Guernsey and adoption of new Articles of Incorporation on 25 February 2019;
  • a move from AIM to the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange on 8 March 2019;
  • and Dynam re-domiciled to Guernsey as a Guernsey Financial Services Commission regulated investment manager.

The report analyses the major holdings in considerable detail, much more than it makes sense to reproduce here. We recommend that you read the annual report once it is published.

VNH : Vietnam Holding focused on the future

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