Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income – A very successful fundraise

Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income (JEFI) offers investors access to the potentially exciting long-term growth prospects of emerging and frontier markets (see page 3) and one of the highest dividend yields in its peer group. Its portfolio is relatively focused, with just 44 holdings, yet it offers exposure to a diverse range of industries, geographies and sizes of companies. JEFI is differentiated too by the change-based philosophy (see page 6) that underpins the managers’ stock selection decisions. The managers believe that this approach offers the prospect of outperformance of index benchmarks at all stages of the economic cycle.

JEFI launched on 15 May 2017, raising £90m from a broad range of investors and making it one of the most successful new issues of a fund investing in equities in recent years. Its share price is higher than its net asset value, meaning that is trading at a premium, The premium rating is supportive of further expansion of the fund.

JEFI intends to pay two dividends totalling 4p in its first year of operations. This makes it one of the highest yielding funds in its sector.

Long-term capital and income growth

JEFI aims to generate capital growth and income, both over the long term, through investment predominantly in companies exposed directly or indirectly to emerging markets and frontier markets worldwide.

JEFI : Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income – A very successful fundraise