Utilico Emerging Markets : UEM

Utilico Emerging Markets’ objective is to provide long-term total return by investing predominantly in infrastructure, utility and related sectors mainly in emerging markets, including (but not limited to) water, sewerage, waste, electricity, gas, telecommunications, ports, airports, service companies, rail, roads, any business with essential service and/or monopolistic characteristics and in any new infrastructure or utilities which may arise in emerging markets. The Company may also invest in businesses which supply services to, or otherwise support, the infrastructure, utilities and related sectors.

Utilico Emerging Markets focuses on the undeveloped and developing markets of Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe and Africa but has the flexibility to invest in markets world-wide. The Company generally seeks to invest in emerging market countries where the Directors believe that there are positive investment attributes such as political stability, economic development, an acceptable legal framework and an encouraging aptitude to foreign investment.

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