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HydrogenOne Capital Growth prospectus published

HydrogenOne Capital Growth prospectus published – following on from yesterday’s intention to float announcement, HydrogenOne Capital Growth has today published a prospectus and, as usual, we are providing you with a link.

As always, we are not recommending that you buy the shares. In fact we are not acting in any capacity with respect to the IPO. The prospectus is just provided for your convenience. There are geographic restrictions on who can invest in the fund at IPO – these are listed in the prospectus. There is also a raft of risk warnings. We suggest that you read the prospectus before making an investment.

The application forms are towards the back of the document.

One interesting bit of information is that INEOS Energy has agreed to subscribe for at least 25m ordinary shares under the issue at the issue price, representing 10% of the issued share capital of the company at admission (on the assumption that the issue is subscribed as to 250m ordinary shares). INEOS is the world’s third largest chemical company. It has a turnover of US$61bn and employs 26,000 people across 36 businesses, operating 194 sites in 29 countries throughout the world. INEOS businesses produce the raw materials that are essential in the manufacture of many goods: from paints to plastics, textiles to technology, medicines to mobile phones.  INEOS Energy is a group within INEOS and combines the existing INEOS Oil and Gas businesses with the extensive development activities that the company has in developing low carbon technologies for the coming energy transition. INEOS already produces 400,000 tons of hydrogen on an annual basis as a ‘co-product’ of its chemical processes. This hydrogen is largely used as a low-carbon fuel and as a raw material in its own production processes so that fewer fossil raw materials have to be used. INEOS recently started a new business unit dedicated to the development of ‘clean hydrogen capacity’.

HGEN : HydrogenOne Capital Growth prospectus published

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