JPMorgan Multi-Asset Growth & Income : MATE

JPMorgan Multi-Asset Growth & Income (MATE) (formerly JPMorgan Multi-Asset Trust), aims to generate income and capital growth, while seeking to maintain lower levels of portfolio volatility than a traditional equity portfolio. It operates a multi-asset strategy, maintaining a high degree of flexibility with respect to asset class, geography and sector of the investments selected for the portfolio.

JPMorgan Multi-Asset Growth & Income is targeting total returns in excess of 6% per year over rolling five-year periods.

In its new guise, JPMorgan Multi-Asset Growth & Income is designed for those investors who are looking for attractive, relatively predictable, income that grows at least in line with inflation and a diversified portfolio of investments designed to be less volatile than that of a typical equity portfolio (the managers target volatility two-thirds of that of a global equity index).

The board feels that the income ought not to come at the expense of investors’ total returns.

We published notes:

on 2 May 2023 – Caution in the face of volatile markets – updated the story from our last note

on 22 August 2022 – Navigating a changed landscape – looked at the trust’s progress against a tougher macroeconomic backdrop

in September 2021 – New policy bearing fruit – which sought to explain how the fund had changed for the better

We wrote a note at IPO:  “Long-term return objective of 6% per annum”, published in January 2018.

You can access the fund’s website here

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