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Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust : SIGT

Seneca Global Income & Growth Trust (formerly Midas Income & Growth Trust) aims to outperform 3-month LIBOR plus 3.0 per cent. over the longer term, with low volatility and the prospect of capital and income growth, through investment in a multi-asset portfolio. The asset classes included in the Company’s portfolio are UK and overseas equities, fixed interest securities, property, alternative assets and structured products. The asset allocations vary around a core long-term position for each asset class with a view to adding value through tactical asset allocation within a range for each asset class.

Ordinarily, exposure to overseas companies is achieved through the use of specialist collective investment schemes and products.

We have written notes that explain how the fund works: “Low volatility and growing income“, “On track for zero discount policy“, “In demand and no discount“, “Changing tack“, “Celebrating five years since strategy change“, “Steady reduction in equity exposure“, “Walking the walk“, “Cutting back on equities“, “Mind the (inflation) gap!“, and Holding steady as cycle turns

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