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Standard Life Private Equity : SLPE

Standard Life Private Equity (formerly Standard Life European Private Equity : SEP)  aims to achieve long-term total returns (total returns are adjusted to include the reinvestment of dividends) through a diversified portfolio of private equity funds, the majority of which will have a European focus. Historically, SLPE has occupied a unique position within the UK-listed private equity sector as the only fund of funds focused solely on Europe and, while it has refined its strategy, it says it will continue to be the most European focused fund in its peer group. Its portfolio is also more concentrated than most of its peers; the top 10 private equity fund managers comprise 65% of the net asset value and the top 30 underlying companies represent 30%.

You can access the company’s website here

We have written a number of notes on the fund that explain how it works, Sitting in a sweet spot, Reinvestment phase underway, Dividend doubled to 4%, Loading the portfolio, A good year; more to come?,  and  Putting capital to work – just click on the title to read it.


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