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European Investment Trust : EUT

European Investment Trust aims to achieve long-term capital growth through a diversified portfolio of Continental European securities. Its Board believes that investment in the diverse and increasingly accessible markets of this region provides opportunities for capital growth over the long term. At the same time it considers the structure of the Company as a UK listed investment trust, with fixed capital and an independent Board of Directors, to be well-suited to investors seeking longer-term returns.

The Board recognises that investment in some European countries can be riskier than in others. Investment risks are diversified through holding a wide range of securities in different countries and industrial sectors. No more than 10% of the value of the portfolio in aggregate may be held in securities in those countries which are not included in the FTSE All-World European indices.

The Company’s Investment Manager believes the key to successful stock selection is to identify the long-term value of a company’s shares and to have the patience to hold the shares until that value is appreciated by other investors. Identifying long-term value involves detailed analysis of a company’s earning prospects over a five-year time horizon. The portfolio will normally consist of 40 to 50 investments.

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